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Raw milk! And other blessings.

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We’ve been without a raw milk source for quite a while but today I picked up my first gallon from a local farmer. This milk was in the cow yesterday and today is in my fridge! The best part of this source is how affordable it is. The other options I found in the area were $7-10/gallon; this farmer charges only $5/gallon. That is less than pasturized organic milk. I’m so thankful for this delicious food at a price our family can afford.


The other blessing this week was finding excellent deals on some items we needed. Because of a great sale at Fred Meyer last week I purchased multiple Seventh Generation products. I bought four bottles of dish soap at $1/each, two rolls paper towels (which we need for our birth kit) at $0.55/each, two boxes of tissue at $0.31/each and a box of trash bags for $0.79. I had some coupons printed from their website and found more at Fred Meyer near the product end cap. Also, today I was able to “purchase” four boxes of Hefty zip freezer bags for nothing! I’ve been wanting to stock up on these in order to preserve produce this summer and the Albertson’s nearest us had a coupon that paired with the store’s double coupon made them free! I was also able to get two big bags of organic overripe bananas (about 15lbs total) for $0.99. I am so thankful for these blessings as I had used much of our grocery budget on stocking purchases this month and wasn’t sure how I’d afford some necessities to finish out the month. I’m not sure how intricate a part God plays in my finding the right coupons or bruised bananas but I’m thankful that He has been so faithful to provide for our family, whether it be a $3200 medical bill or free freezer bags.

(These little shopping trips were not in line with our ideal of two to three shopping trips a month but I’m happy to make the exception for such deals.)


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