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spud! deal

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Here is a great way to get high quality food for less. Groupon’s Portland deal today is $50 worth of organic delivery from spud! for just $25.  This can be used anywhere spud! delivers. Go here to purchase.

(If you aren’t familiar with Groupon the basic premise is that a business offers a great deal and if enough people, a big enough ‘group’ of people, purchase the deal, it is ‘on’. Usually 50 or so people have to participate which never seems to be a problem.)

Here’s what I would buy with my credit, for a total of exactly $50:

Thundering Hooves Lamb, Stew Meat, 1lb  =7.99

Organic Noris Dairy Beef Patties, 3 lb x2     =28.78

Applegate Farms Organic Sliced Sunday Bacon, 8oz  =4.69

Applegate Farms Organic Turkey Burgers, 10oz  =8.54


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