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Loving the others

I was recently reading a post about a teenage girl with cognitive delays and some of the struggles she faces. It brought tears to my eyes, and I prayed as I read that my boys would be loving and humble enough, filled with the Spirit, to love people like this. To freely love and be a friend to people who our culture does not accept.

As I was praying these things for my boys I saw that I need to be that person. That I need to allow the Spirit of God to fill me with love for people who are very other than me and not particularly desirable by our culture’s standards. So my prayer is that I will love those people and that God will use that example to build an even more radical love in my boys.

I recognize in myself a tendency to be comparing constantly, trying to be found ‘better’, neglecting to see my complete brokenness, unworthyness, my sin. This prevents me from seeing the beauty that is the image of God in others. That God may change my heart to love more fully.


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Charlie’s Soap: This soap is awesome! I’m really in awe of the revolution it brings to my diaper washing routine. Previously, using a brand name free and clear detergent I felt like I had to wash at least three cycles to get stink out. With Charlie’s, one hot cycle followed by a cold rinse and my diapers are stink free! The detergent is still expensive but I was able to purchase through our coop, making it more affordable. If, in the future, I have to pay full price, I will definitely buy it.

Azure Standard: We order from Azure about once a month and I thought I understood what to buy (and not buy) for the best prices. I was wrong. I should’ve been buying my flour and several other grains from them! In an effort to simplify our shopping process, I’ve decided to spend a larger chunk of our grocery money with Azure, and skip some of the stores or coop orders.

Menu planning: I’ve not been too committed to this in the past. It is not an easy fit for my personality and preferred way of doing things. I’ve realized this month that it works, it saves us money, and it makes dinner time so much less stressful.

*I know these aren’t true ‘epiphanies’ but ‘gradual realization’ doesn’t have the same zing.